08 06 - 2012

Top Cat: the movie premieres with huge success in movie theaters around the United Kingdom

Mexico City, Mexico on June 8, 2012

Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Israel have already testified to the great success of Top Cat: The Movie, a feature film produced by Ánima Estudios. The film was released in cinemas in the United Kingdom and has caused a huge impact among audiences, generating sales of over 2,000,000 pounds during the first days of release and hence achieving 7th place in the list of the 10 most seen movies over the weekend.

This makes Top Cat one of the Mexican films which have had the most success and commercial showings worldwide. The animated feature film still has other programmed releases around the world.

This film, based on Hanna-Barberas’ animated classic, directed by Alberto Mar and produced by Fernando de Fuentes and José C. García de Letona, has been a strong player among international productions competing for the box office in the United Kingdom.

Top Cat was recently won the Canacine Award for Best Animated Film and Best Advertising Campaign of a Mexican Film, as well as the recognition of the Mexican Film with Biggest Box Office Success and Mexican Film most Sold on Video.

This multi-award-winning film in its Spanish version features the voice of Jorge Arvizu, ‘El Tata’, as Choochoo and Benny – he returns to these characters after dubbing them in the original series back in the 70s.