04 06 - 2014

“Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” by Anima Estudios, soon to be released in Brazil

Mexico City, Mexico on June 4, 2014

Ánima Estudios announces that “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” has been sold to Globo TV GLOOB, a Globosat company channel, which is a leading brazilian entertainment company.

The 52 episodes x 11 min., is being actually broadcatsed in The Hub (US), Seven Network (Australia); ABC Australia, HBO Asia, TVE Spain, Sun Network (India), Noga (Israel); Orlando Kids (Croatia) and many other countries. Its popularity keeps growing throughout the world due to its quality an level of entertainment.

“Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” created and produced by Ánima Estudios and co-produced with SLR Productions (Australia), Home Plate Entertainment (U.S.) and Telegael (Ireland), follows three best friends living in Fairytale States. Despite the enchanted settings Jeremiah, the son of the giant in “Jack and the Beanstalk”; Trafalgar, the nephew of Merlin the Wizard; and Fury, the daughter of the Tooth Fairy, have typical teen dramas with their family, friends and school, only with a fairy tale twist.

Founded in 2002, Ánima Estudios is the largest and most prestigious studio in Latin America. Its first feature film “Wizards & Giants” was the first animated film in Mexico in 30 years and first ever digitally produced animated film in Latin America.

It has produced and released 9 feature films which have been successfully released throughout the world.

Since 2006 it has produced “El Chavo” TV series which has been the highest rated animated show throughout Latin America since.

In 2013 it released the “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” animated TV series; which is currently broadcasted in TV channels all over the world.

The studio is currently working on several feature films, TV series and videogames.

Ánima Estudios, the soul of imagination.