05 10 - 2016

“The Legend of Chupacabras” will be released in the U.S. this October 14th.

Mexico City, 5th October, 2016

After the successful release of “The legends” saga films in Mexico, Pantelion has decided to launch “The Legend of Chupacabras” in U.S. theaters this October 14th.

The animated film directed by Alberto Chino Rodríguez and produced by Fernando De Fuentes S. and José C. García de Letona, will surprise the audiences thanks to the brilliant combination of action, suspense and big dose of comedy, constant elements on these movies.

A week before its release in Mexican theaters, cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Denver and New York will get caught by this legendary creature.

“We’re thrilled to take “The Legend of Chupacabras” to audiences in the U.S. with Pantelion by our side, which has proved constantly the ability to successfully launch Mexican films in this territory”, commented Fernando De Fuentes S, producer of the animated movie.

The successful “Legends” franchise, which has made up of three films that have together attracted more than five million spectators and 190 million pesos at the box office, will also be the basis of an original Netflix series that will be launched worldwide in 2017.