19 04 - 2008

Fortunetas leap into mobiles

Mexico City, April 19th, 2008.

ÁNIMA ESTUDIOS, TELEVISA CONSUMER PRODUCTS and ESMAS MÓVIL jointly launch a new holding for mobile platforms by the name of FORTUNETAS.

FORTUNETAS are four animated characters shaped like fortune cookies.

NETO is a guy from the Seventies in Mexico. Trapped in the past, slightly hippie, and a bit of a freeloader, he’s always a little above reality and constantly uses his era’s slang. He wears waist-high bell bottoms and seventies gold chains.

GALLETIN is a gay and neurotic artist who hates everyone around him. He enjoys being ironic and making fun of everyone else’s misfortunes. Whenever you expect support from him, you’ll only get his mockery. His attitude is that of someone who, instead of wishing you luck willingly, does so out of obligation.

LOOKIE is just a goody two shoes. His intentions are always in the right place, but he constantly states the obvious. He’s known for giving stupid advice, nevertheless he occasionally hits the right note!

CONFUSO, an elderly far Eastern cookie, is completely crazy. He makes many predictions, some of them similar to those of a mental patient, and all of them of a Zen nature.