08 07 - 2015

“El Chapulín Colorado” is back

Mexico City, 8 July 2015

Starting June 26, “El Chapulín Colorado” will be back on TV screens, this time in an animated version.

After working for seven years on the successful series “El Chavo”, Ánima Estudios teamed up with Televisa and Grupo Chespirito to bring back Roberto Gómez Bolaños’ iconic character.

Directed by Alberto Mar and Eric D. Cabello, this unconventional hero tries to save the city from the evil plans of different villains.

“Working on the animated series of “El Chapulín Colorado” is a great responsibility, because El Chapulín is a well-loved and well-known character. At the same time, however, it is fun and exciting to recreate and expand the universe of this superhero who is always ready to face up to any adversity, even if he is only nimbler than a tortoise, stronger than a mouse and nobler than a lettuce,” said director Alberto Mar.

“Animating “El Chapulín Colorado” was a big challenge, from the graphic development up to the animating process itself. The team has managed to replicate the spectrum of expressions that Chespirito used in the original version. It is an extraordinarily ambitious project, with just one goal: to make a great series that everyone can enjoy,” observed co-director Eric Cabello.

Accompanied by new characters, the El Chapulín will use his famous weapons: ‘chiquitolina’ pills, his paralyzing trumpet, and, of course, his special hammer, the ‘chipote chillón’, in order to emerge victorious.

With transmissions in Mexico every Sunday at 10am on Channel 2, and repeats on Channel 5 at 2pm every Friday, from the 31 July fans young and old will be able to enjoy new adventures of this very special hero.

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