07 04 - 2014

Anima Estudios begins operations in Europe

Mexico City, Mexico on April 7, 2014

Ánima Estudios, Latin America’s leading animation studio, has created Ánima Kitchent, a new company based in Spain with headquarters in Madrid. It was launched with the mission of creating, producing and marketing transmedia entertainment brands aimed at the children’s and youth markets.

Up and running for barely three months, Ánima Kitchent already has three projects in different stages of development, details of which will be revealed over the coming months.

Fernando De Fuentes (President of Ánima Estudios): “The launch of Ánima Kitchent is a big step for Ánima Estudios in terms of its expansion and growth strategy. It also gives us great pleasure to be able to work with such a talented and experienced team. With the start of operations in Europe we will be able to bring even more world-class projects to the market.”

Jose C. Garcia de Letona (Vice-president of Ánima Estudios): “Anima Kitchent provides us with the unique opportunity to bring together Ánima Estudios’ proven production capabilities and strategic alliances with the amazing talent for creating transmedia content and the superior understanding of the international TV market that the team in Spain has.”

Ángel Molinero (General Manager of Ánima Kitchent): “We are very excited about this new step. It is a source of pride and a great professional opportunity to work with the biggest producer of animation in Latin America.”

With the creation of Ánima Kitchent, Ánima Estudios continues its expansion and growth, diversifying its services and content while continuing to position itself in the global entertainment market.

About Ánima Kitchent
The Ánima Kitchent management and production teams have more than 14 years of experience in the creation of children’s entertainment brands. They have worked on extremely successful shows in the global TV market such as Jelly Jam, Pocoyó, Bugsted and Shuriken School.

About Ánima Estudios
Founded in 2002, Ánima Estudios has become the biggest and most important animation studio in Latin America. In 2003, the studio’s first production Wizards and Giants was released in cinemas all over Mexico. It was the first animated film made in Mexico in more than 30 years, and the first digitally animated feature-length film in all of Latin America. It was shown to great acclaim throughout the territory.

It has so far produced 9 feature-length movies, such as “Agent Macaw: Shaken and Stirred” and “Kung Fu Magoo”. In 2011 the studio released “Top Cat: The Movie” and also “La Leyenda de la Llorona”, both of which broke box-office records.

Since 2006, Ánima has made the animated series “El Chavo”, which is the most-viewed animated show in Latin America.

In 2013 it released “Teenage Fairytale Dropouts” TV series, which is currently shown on TV channels all over the world.

The studio is currently working on several feature films, TV series and videogames.

Ánima Estudios, the soul of imagination.